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+91 80 2698 3300/22/33

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Started in Aug 2012, the Neonatal wing is managed by well trained Neonatologist with more than 20 years experience in the neonatal care. She is supported by another in house qualified Neonatologist and team of dedicated staff nurses who are specially trained to look after tiny, premature neonates. The division of neonatology can handle any neonatal emergencies. The equipments for this wing is supported by Rotary club. The rates are kept low to help the needy poor patients.

Neonatal ICU
Neonatal intensive care unit at Rangadore Memorial Hospital became functional from August, 2012 with the support of Rotary Club. It is a 22 bedded unit with facility to ventilate 5 babies at a time. Managed by a team of senior consultant with 20 years of experience and a qualified Neonatologist. NICU is equipped with state of the art of intensive care equipment such as warmers, incubators, ventilators, including a high frequency oscillator, Bubble CPAP, multi-channel monitors, infusion & syringe pumps and CFL high intensity Phototherapy devises. The unit has nurses who are well trained in Neonatal resuscitation, identification of sick neonate and who can handle very premature babies, sick babies on ventilator, and babies with central lines. The charges in NICU are kept low to help the less affordable group.

RMH offers Fellowship in National Neonatal Forum & also R.G.U.H.S affiliated Fellowship in Perinatal Medicine.

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