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Specialty Departments


Nephrology is a branch dealing with the study of the functions and diseases of the kidney. The field is involved in the care of those requiring dialysis and renal transplant. Rangadore Memorial Hospital is one of the main centers in the city to take care of dialysis among end-stage renal disease patients. More than 3500 dialysis are being conducted every month and monitored by Senior Nephrologists, supported by a well trained team , experienced doctors, technicians and nursing staff..

Our Specialists

Dr. Veerabhadra Guptha

MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DM (Nephrology)

Dr. Dinesh Kumar A

MBBS, MD, D.M. (Nephrology)

Dr. Sreenidhi Chandrashekar

MBBS, MD, D.M. (Nephrology)

Dr. Vinod S Dibbur

MBBS, MRCP(U.K), MRCP(Nephrology), Fellowship in Renal Transplant & Medicine