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Specialty Departments

Surgical Oncology

BREAST Clinic Department
The breast clinic was started about a decade ago when the concept of a separate department for
Breast diseases was at its infancy. Today it caters to the whole range of breast issues. The prenatal
and post natal breast issues associated with lactation are dealt with promptly and advice given to
patients to prevent such problems.
Breast lumps associated with puberty brought by anxious mothers are managed with counselling
regarding normal breast appearances at that age. Giant fibro adenomas in the teen age group have
been surgically dealt with successfully in many cases. Cancer breast of all stages are dealt with by the team as per the protocol. There is a team made up of an efficient Imaging expert, doing Trucut biopsies on a regular basis over the 10 yr period. The pathology team does the tissue study, including the tumour markers and the relevant information to carry the treatment forwards. Breast surgery includes varied forms of Mastectomy (Partial, Total), Breast conservation surgery(BCS), lymph node sampling, Quadrandectomy, Ductectomy and Sector excisions. These are decided on the basis of the disease and the choice of the patient. Further the Medical Oncologist team is available for the decision and choice making regarding the use of Adjuvant or Neo Adjuvant chemotherapy for the patients.


Borderline case are followed up closely and advised accordingly. Regular follow up is insisted upon. Rangadore Memorial hospital has been playing an important role in the organisation and participation of Breast Screening camps for early detection of breast cancer. Slide projections, and lectures have been conducted in Educational institutions, Women’s colleges and IT companies to bring on Breast Awareness to stress the role of early detection and management of breast cancer. It is one of the cancers where complete cure is possible if detected early. Self Examination is also taught at these camps. All this has paid large dividends as more women with self detected breast lumps are walking into the clinic. Free Counselling, Guidance and Screening has been advocated for the high risk relatives of cancer breast patients. Genetic information has also been given to them. Their daughters and sisters are roped in for regular breast check ups. I am sure Rangadore team has a large role to play in the society for Prevention and Management of Breast Diseases. The Hospital administration is most enthusiastic to help the public who approach them for their services in public interest. Dr. Hymavathy Raje has 50 year of experience as an ocnco surgeon with vast experience as a breast and general oncologist. 

Our Specialists

Dr. Pandu Dasappa


Dr. Hymavathy Raje

M.S(Bom), F.R.C.S (Eng) F.R.C.S (Edin), F.I.C.S F.A.I.S (Gen Surgery) PGD (Medico Legal studies), Dip. in Breast Oncology USA Certificate in Oncoplastic Surgery USA

Dr. Kavitha Jain

MS, M.Ch Surgical Oncology