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Specialty Departments


Urology department in Rangadore hospital is active since inception. It is one of the busy departments having 4 Senior consultants, Dr. K N Sridhar, Dr. Nagaraja Rao, Dr. Girish Nelvigi and Dr. Manohar C S.
Here most of the routine and complex operation in Urology are done at reasonable cost to the patient.

Some of the surgery done in the department,

  • Radical Nephrectomy, Partial Nephrectomy
  • TURBT, Radical Cystectomy and Urinary Diversion
  • Radical Prostatectomy, Bilateral Orchidectomy
  • Penile amputation (partial & total)

Expert opinion and treatment available in,
1. Urological cancers like Kidney, bladder, prostate, penis & testis
2. Prostate disorders like BPH, Prostatitis a prostate cancer
3. Urinary stone disease like stones in the kidney, ureter and bladder.
4. Urinary tract Infection
5. Urinary incontinence
6. Paediatric Uro disorders like phimosis, hypospadias, PUJ obstruction, VUR.
7. Urethral stricture
8. Erectile dysfunction and male infertility


Our Specialists

Dr. Shridhar K N

MBBS, LRCP(London), MRCS(England), FRCS((Ireland), FRCS(Edinburg), FRCS(England), FRCPS(Glasgow), FRCS(Canada)

Dr. Nagaraj Rao A

MBBS, MS, M.CH (Urology)

Dr. Manohar C S

MBBS, MS, M.cH (urology) Gold Medallist in Urology

Dr. Girish Nelvigi

MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Urology)